An image of a drone over a building, with the words aerial inspection written underneath

Building surveys and chimney inspections

  1. A photograph of chimney pots, taken from above the pots with a drone, looking down onto the chimneys from above
  2. a photograph taken by a drone of the top of a chimney stack, showing the poor condition and missing bricks
Our drones can be flown close to buildings, much closer than a helicopter or aircraft could ever get. They can capture cost effective high definition photographs, indicating any signs of wear or damage.​​

They do away with the need for disruptive scaffolding or cherry pickers, which can also be expensive. All that’s required is a clear area for the drone to take off and land from.
Drone inspections provide a safer option than working at height  inspections. They can be used as an additional tool in any maintenance programme where high level inspections are necessary. 

​We can carry out pre-survey inspections, so you can tender for contracts accurately, with no hidden surprises.

We can provide inspection data for analysis by on-site or off-site surveyors, architects etc.

Subject to weather conditions surveys can be carried out at any time, causing minimal disruption.

Safety is our primary concern and we adhere to strict guidelines laid down by the CAA​​