An image of a drone over a mechanical digger, with the word construction written under the image


Our drones can be used to record the progress of the project.  We can provide exceptional aerial images of the site, throughout the stages of the build.

Aerial images are a great way to demonstrate what your company is capable of building, that you can complete a project on time and to a high standard.

We can record the actual progress and conditions of your project, which can be presented to the project financiers, potential clients or investors.

Mistakes can be spotted earlier through regular monitoring. These can be put right straight away, preventing further delays and rising costs.
We can collect and report data instantly, thereby reducing the labour and time required to produce accurate surveys, meaning work can be completed faster and to budget.

Regular filming will show the progress through the stages, or highlight areas that are falling behind.
We can monitor workers, increasing efficiency and productivity.

We can detect unsuitable situations or where people are not using safe systems correctly, helping prevent accidents from occurring.

Even as the height increases our drone will still be able continue providing valuable inspection data.

The monitoring carried out by us is safe and efficient, without the need of further specialist equipment.

Our drones are able to safely survey dangerous locations, reducing workplace accidents and increasing site safety.

We can also generate accurate maps, which can be overlaid with data such as utility maps and design plans. Multiple plans can be added to the same map in layers, with the facility to show or hide the different layers.

When a layer has been added you can take your map out on site on your mobile device and share it with the team.
  1. Aerial photograph of a construction site looking directly down from above, taken using a drone
  2. Aerial photograph of a construction site, taken using a drone. This block of flats has just floors, no sides
  3. Aerial photograph of a building site during construction, taken using a drone