1. A photographic view along the early morning empty beach at Port de Palenca, Majorca. Taken by a drone from height
  2. An early morning photo of St Albans Abbey, Sumpter Yard end, taken using a drone level with the ground floor roof. The higher roof level and bell tower dominate the photograph

Film & TV​​​,  Events and Special occasions​​

Photography from Helixcopters is a stunning way to capture events. Our innovative approach to acquiring breathtaking aerial photgraphy will be sure to make your event stand out.​

What better way to show off your venue than with a video of a great event that's taken place there.  It shows potential users that they will be making the right decision in choosing your venue. 

Aerial photographs or footage of the bride and groom, taken with a drone, can really add that Wow! Factor to the photos and videos of the special day.