Frequently asked questions
  1. Are you qualified?
    Yes, we have permission for commercial operations (PfCO), granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Our pilots were trained by Cambridge UAV Academy.
  2. Are you insured?
    Yes we operate in line with CAA guidelines and have public liability insurance up to £2 million through Hiscox insurance.
  3. Can you fly if it rains?
    No we can't fly our drones in the rain and neither can we fly in strong winds. However, all our cameras are stabilised by devices called gimbals, to create cinematic video and vibration free photographs when we do fly.
  4. How many people will there be?
    One of our drones can be operated by a lone pilot, however we usually have two people, a qualified pilot and a safety officer. Other drones we operate require a pilot and separate camera operator.
  5. How long can you fly for?
    Our aircraft can fly for approximately 25 minutes at a time, after which we need to land and change the battery. But we always have a supply of batteries and recharging facilities to ensure we can film for as long as required.
  6. How far can you fly?
    CAA restrictions limit drones to a height of up to 400ft above ground level and a maximum horizontal distance of 500 metres. We must also maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) of the drone at all times.
  7. Do you edit the videos?
    Yes, we specialise in a tailor-made service, to meet your requirements. Therefore we can provide unedited footage or a fully edited package, including music if required (licenced music at additional cost).
  8. Is it cost effective?
    Yes, alternatives, like helicopters are loud, intrusive, expensive and cannot fly below 500ft. Cherry pickers and scaffolding can be expensive and cause disruption to the surrounding area. Our drones provide detailed pictures & video exactly where needed.