1. Aerial shot of a listed building, taken using a drone
  2. Aerial photograph of a house and garden taken by a drone
  3. Aerial photograph looking down on a house taken by a drone, like a birds eye view
  4. Close up aerial photograph taken using a drone, showing electrical distribution cables and pylon in the distance.
  5. Aerial photograph of the front of a house, taken by a drone
  6. Close up photograph from above a damaged chimney stack, taken by a drone, revealing missing bricks and poor condition.
  7. Aerial photo of a building site, taken using a drone
  8. Aerial view from above of a construction site, looking directly down, like a birds eye view. Taken using a drone
  9. St Albans Abbey, Sumpter Yard end. An aerial shot taken using a drone
  10. Drone taken aerial photograph of a building site in the snow
  11. Aerial view by drone of a floodlit five a side football match at sunset.
  12. Austin Healey Sprite