An image denoting a video recording with the words promotional footage underneath

Heritage sites and Golf Courses

  1. An elevated  photo of St Augustine's church from a drone flying level with the roof
  2. A photo taken by a drone of Old Gorehambury House, looking down on the property from about 10 metres up
Video is now the prefered way to learn about something, why not make your site more eye catching with an exceptional aerial video that really elevates your site above others. We can provide photographic services for a single building to full country estate.

At Helixcopters we use the latest 4k Ultra HD technology to ensure we showcase your site to its best potential.

Alternatively, we can supply you with high quality, high definition aerial photographs, to enhance a website or for use in promotional material. 

For Golf courses we can  provide services ranging from a single signature hole or a promotional video of the club and facilities. We can even do a full course fly by, if required.