1. An aerial view of the rear of a house, taken using a drone, to really show of the back of the house and garden
  2. Photo of a detached house, taken by a drone
  3. An aerial photograph, taken by a drone from above, looking directly down on a house and grounds, showing the layout and size of plot
An image of a drone over a house with the words property marketing written under the image

Property & land Marketing

Using drones is the future of property advertising. ​​

At Helixcopters we use the latest 4k Ultra HD technology to ensure we showcase your property to its maximum potential, making it stand out from the crowd so that you achieve the best and quickest sale.

A video showcasing the property from an aerial viewpoint will really give it the wow! factor.

If you want to increase the speed at which a property sells, or reach a wider audience a stunning video is a sure fire way to attract lots of attention and potential buyers. 

We can also supply high definition aerial photographs, if a full on video is not needed. These can be used on sites like Right Move and Zoopla to enhance saleability of your property.
A photograph of a plot of land, taken from a standing position might really struggle to portray the size and scope of a site, unless you are able to take the shot from uphill. However we can usually position the drone for an aerial photograph, which shows the full layout or potential of the site.